Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to those frequently asked questions. Click any of the links below for more information or contact us at if you cant find the answer you are looking for.

  • 1. What is YE Market Place?

    YE has provided its student companies with an online sales platform.  To find out more watch this video: 

  • A guide to setting up Your YE Market Place

    Are you wondering how to set up your YE Market Place student company profile? Click here for an easy how to guide

  • Buying a Product

    Press the "Product" button at the top of the page. There are several ways to shop through the products. You can scroll freely through the products list to find a product that you like. However, you are also able to use the search bar (type in desired company/product) or use the filter options which is located above the list of products. Once you have found a product you wish to buy, press the “Buy Now” button displayed under the product information. Press either the “Continue Shopping” button to continue adding items to your shopping cart, or press the “Go to shopping cart” button to buy your product. When done browsing, add desired number of items, Press the “Go to checkout” button and add your personal information. Choose either “With” or “Without Shipping” and type in your payment details and follow the instructions to confirm your purchase.

  • Cart

    Here you will find all the products you have added to your shopping cart. Press the "Go to checkout" button to buy a product, or remove it with "Remove product". You can also adjust the amount of each product you want to buy with the "quantity" buttons.

  • Company order

    This page gives you information about orders placed on your YE company's products. You will be able to sort by reference number, order status and date. Press the "Address Details" to see information about the buyer.

  • Contest

    Unlike the leagues, all YE companies take part in all of the competitions. The public can vote on the YE company they like the most. The contests have predefined start and end dates.

  • Employees

    Add members to the YE Company.

  • Favourites

    By liking a YE student company you add them to your favourites list. This helps your favourite YE student company win prizes in the “League” by giving them points as well as allowing you to find their store more easily.

    To add a company to your favourites you need a YE marketplace account. You can like a YE student company by pressing the heart symbol found under their cover image.

  • Google Analytics

    Add a google analytics code to the YE Company page.

  • How to create your YE student company store

    To create your YE student company store you will have to log into your account, which should be connected to your YE student company. Press the "My Profile" button in the top right corner and then underneath "My Company" press the button "Company Page". All the tools you need to create your YE student company's store are located on the right side of the screen. 

  • How to Log In

    On the right corner of the bar on the top of the page click “Log in” and follow the instructions.

  • How to Register a user, and Facebook Registration

    To register a user, press the "Register" button in the top right corner on any page. You will be prompted with a "Register" pop up window. Write your name, surname, e-mail and password and then press the "Register User" button. To register a user using Facebook, press the blue "Register using Facebook" button. The only information collected from your Facebook user is your name, surname and e-mail adress. Registering a user with Facebook is easy and safe.

  • Order history

    Here you will be able to find all the products and services you have bought as well as their status and reference number.

  • Product Service

    Add products or Service to the YE Company

  • Products

    To view the products/services for sale by YE student companies, press the "Products" button located on the top of any page. You will be able to filter products/services based on the county and school.

    Through the "Product Categories" buttons you will be able to sort products by category. Press the "Read More" button to get more information about the product/service or to visit the YE studnet company store.

  • Shipping of products

    When you are in the process of buying a product (See Buying a Product). You will have the choice between "With Shipping" and "Without Shipping" before buying your product. Pressing “With Shipping” your account will be charged with the price of shipping the product to your billing address. Pressing “Without Shipping” will mean that you need to notify the YE student company that made the product and make arrangements with them personally. The YE student company will also be given a receipt of your purchase which will allow them to contact you. You can find their information at the right side of their store page by pressing the “Read more” button of your chosen product, you will be able to press “Visit Store” which will bring you to their Store Page.

  • Stripe: How to connect your YE student company

    Click this link to view a guide on how to connect your YE student company to Stripe

    This will enable your YE Company to trade on YE Market Place.

  • Stripe: T&Cs

    You should be aware of the following charges to your student company when making transactions through Stripe:

    6.4% + 20p charge per transaction - you may wish to add these charges in to the cost of your products.

    £15 charge back fee to Stripe for any dispute from the customer - even though disputes are few and far between, to avoid any charge back fees you may wish to include a card/compliment slip/note with your product which suggests that if the customer has any problems that they contact you directly in the first instance to try and resolve any issues.  This will then give you the option to settle any issues outside of Stripe.  An example of a dispute would be:

    • Credit not processed
    • Duplicate
    • Fraudulent
    • Product not received

    Disputes should not be confused with normal refunds.

    You should also note that when a customer makes a payment transaction using Stripe that on their bank records the transaction may show as 2 parts and include the company name ‘Future Sparks Norway’, which is the name of the host platform. You may wish to advise your customers accordingly.

  • The important bits: T&Cs and Policies
  • What is "My Profile"?

    When logged in as a user, you will be able to press your name in the top right corner. A drop down list of options will appear. "My Profile" takes you to your personal user. Underneath the YE company information your own account settings will be displayed. Here you can change any information about yourself. On the bottom of the "My Profile" page, you will be able to change your password. "Shopping Cart" takes your to your shopping cart. Here you will find all the products you have added to your cart, and you will be able to buy the products you have selected here.

    "Favourites" takes you to your favourites. Here you will find all the YE companies you have favourited. You will be able to visit their store or view their statistics from this page. "Payement History" takes you to a page that displays all the items you have bought with your account. You will be able to see the products, the YE companies, the reference number, the status of the order and the date of purchase. "Log Out" will allow you log out of your account.

    If you have a YE company connected to your user you will have an additional list, "My Company" with other drop down options. "Company Page" is where you will find your YE company's store page. "Our Orders" will take you to a page that displays any order made on your YE company's products. You will be able to see all the information needed to deliver the product and contact the buyer as well as the price, date and reference number of the purchase.

  • Who is able to Register a User?

    Anyone is able to register a user, Someof the benefits to making a user is that you will be able to save your billing information, save and store your shopping history and help your favourite YE Companies win contests and leagues by voting or making them your favourite. A regular user account is needed if you want to register a YE Company.

  • Who is this Website for?

    This website is for everyone. Anyone in the world can use this website and be able to contribute to the progress of the Young Enterprise UK's YE Companies and their products. You are able take a look through all the different YE Companies and their products, or make a user and help them out by favouriting them or buying their products. As a YE Company you will be able to create your own store page, join leagues, sell your products and tell the whole world your story.

  • Young Enterprise Companies

    Young Enterprise give young people from ages of 15-19 the chance to set up and run a business. This is called the Company Programme and is Young Enterprise's flagship. Delivered across an academic year, young people make all the decisions about their company; from raising the initial share capital, designing their product or service, selling directly to customers and ultimately growing the company and paying their taxes. All this takes place with the support of a Business Adviser who brings a wealth of business knowledge and expertise to the team. Students can also choose to set up their business as a social enterprise, which focuses on addressing a social need rather than maximising profit. This renowned programme has been running since 1963 and in that time over a million 15-19 year olds have taken part.

  • Young Enterprise Company Statistics

    To find the statistics of a specific YE company visit their store page and press "Our Statistics", which is located on the right hand side of the page. Here you will be able to find their daily, weekly, monthly and total number of points in the four point categories. You will also be able to see how many league points they have accumulated in total. There is also a list of up to three leagues the company is taking part in, and how well well they are doing by displaying their place in the league.

  • Young Enterprise UK

    Young Enterprise is the UK’s leading charity that encourages young people to improve and utilise their personal and business skills. Since 1962, we’ve been creating and developing programmes that complement the school experience and encourage young people to realise their own talents.

    Last year we delivered 338,340 learner experiences with young people aged 4-25. Integral to what we do are our 6,000 business volunteers who share their experiences in the classroom.

    Since we were established, 3.8 million young people have taken part in Young Enterprise programmes in the UK. One million of these have run businesses for a year on our Company Programme. Around 853,000 young people in the UK are Not in Education, Employment and Training. That’s one in seven people aged 16-24 who are at a greater risk of social exclusion, reduced well-being, income inequality and reduced prospects. We want to change that.